Casio Keyboard Manuals

Casio PT-30 manualRetro home keyboarders of the world: Rejoice! For I am making available for download my collection of manuals for crappy 1980’s and early 1990’s casio home and mini keyboards.

Unlike Yamaha, Casio has only very limited support for older models — the only official way to find a few manuals is over at Casio New Zealand –, making some of these manuals hard or impossible to dig up. While most of these keyboards are so simple that manuals aren’t really needed, for some models, a manual is definitely needed for squeezing the most out of your ole, trusty tablehooter.

In order to correct this grievance, here are the user manuals for most keyboards of the older Casiotone / CT / MT / PT / SK / SA and VL-Tone series, and also those for some esoteric weirdosities like the mythical KX-101 and the insane VA-10. I also included some manuals (such as for the PT-30) that Yours Truly made himself.

All of these manuals are PDFs; most of them are in English. Where I could only find a manual in another language, I included it — better a Spanish or German manual than none.

As for the missing keyboards, in most cases, there are very similar keyboards whose manuals can be used — many Casios use the same or very similar hardware. I am planning to write a history with a useful “genealogy” of Casio’s 1980s keyboards in later posts, so stay tuned.

Great big thanks to J. (you know who you are!) and to Tim for providing missing manuals (check out his homepage — he’s the world’s leading expert on Casio ROM-Packs :)

I’m still looking for manuals not listed here, so if you have one, please share it! (Easiest way is to write a comment, giving your e-mail; I will contact you, and nobody else will be able to see your address).

So here we go, ordered by series and then by model number:

Casiotone/CT series: 

MT series: 

PT series: 

SA series:

SK series:

VL-Tone series:

Other models:

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  • Lena  On 2010/08/11 at 16:34

    Thank you so much. I have an old Casio that I pulled out of the closet and am using for background and also as a metronome when playing my flute or piano but I don’t have a manual and couldn’t figure some of it out. Thank you so much!!

  • Tim  On 2010/08/13 at 21:44

    Thanks – very useful resource!
    I’ve got PDF manuals for the PT-87 and PT-82 on my site – please feel free to grab them and add them to your list!
    I also have a paper copy of the PT-50 manual which I need to get around to scanning some time :-)

  • generror  On 2010/08/14 at 10:07

    I added your manuals, thanks! Got a nice keyboard page there, too.

  • Alex Andersson  On 2010/08/20 at 12:01

    Would be nice to have the user manual for the Casio SK-200. The manual you have here is for the Pioneer SK-200 cassette recorder :(

    Oh well…

  • generror  On 2010/08/22 at 13:36

    You’re right — damn, and I thought I had checked it all… But you can use the manual for the SK-2100, as both keyboards are pretty identical.

  • erikino  On 2010/08/22 at 17:47

    much respect for this page and much more to you for creating it.

    if only it had the accompanying service manuals/schematics. :< ct-403 wants to be tweaked!

  • generror  On 2010/08/31 at 09:34

    The correct Casio SK-200 manual has just been uploaded.

  • Mark  On 2010/09/07 at 22:55

    Any chance you could scan the manual for the PT-50. Been looking for it everywhere. I would really appreciate it. Cheers from Madrid

  • Trev  On 2010/09/08 at 01:08

    Gen.error, you rock. Without your manual library I’d be scratching my head trying to remember just how my recently rediscovered and beloved PT-20 works. 28 years old and, bar crackle on the sliders, still working wonderfully – what an awesome gadget it was when it landed in my local store in 1982. Happy days. Many thanks.

  • generror  On 2010/09/09 at 10:11

    @Mark: Sorry, I have no manual for the PT-50… Check out the manuals for the PT-30 and PT-80, they are some similarities with the PT-50.

    @Trev: Thanks, glad to hear that!

  • Tim  On 2010/09/09 at 17:35

    I’ve got the PT-50 manual, but it is quite thick and will take a while to scan.

    The PT-30 is pretty similar, though.

  • Mark  On 2010/09/10 at 14:23

    Thanks for getting back to me. No hurry. I’ve just started reading the PT 30 manual. I’m only interested in the memory play/sequencer. I’ve got both the PT 31 and PT 50. Now I’ve just got to take the time to figure out how to use them! Thanks again.

  • generror  On 2010/09/11 at 14:26

    From what I know, the PT-31 is exactly the same as the PT-30 (I think I recall there was one main voice sound less as only difference…), so this manual should help you. As for the PT-50, the Tablehooters PT-50 page may give you some hints; they are similar, but the PT-50 sequencer seems to work very differently.

  • Tim  On 2010/09/27 at 19:58

    By popular request, the PT-50 manual is now available on my site at

    Please feel free to add it to the list here.

  • generror  On 2010/09/28 at 07:28


  • Mark  On 2010/09/28 at 13:10

    Thank you Tim!

  • Tim  On 2010/09/28 at 18:09

    You’re very welcome!

  • Tyler  On 2010/10/03 at 16:00

    Thanks for putting together this very handy resource. We pulled my wife’s Casiotone 701 (w/o manual of course) out of storage for our 4 yr old to start playing. I was very glad to find your site and appreciate the effort you’ve put in to assist those of us who still have these relics around.

  • LyP inc.  On 2010/10/08 at 14:04

    thnks nice collection u got there. best from bcn!

  • KidKulit  On 2010/10/26 at 19:39

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. Manuals are so hard to find.
    I love your site by the way… please post soon… and often!

  • da  On 2010/11/09 at 03:40

    You are the best………thanks a million for doing this for so many people!!! Blessings.

  • Jane  On 2010/11/18 at 09:49

    Thanks very much!

  • R Thill  On 2010/11/27 at 18:42

    needed ct640 manual for crappy board I ws given and repaired.
    Junk but enough for the kids to play to learsn the basics.

  • Haro  On 2010/12/07 at 02:11


    You really did a great job, I got what I wanted the CT 400 user guide. but if you have the numeric for the key layout more it will be the best for me.

    Again Thanks

  • Kate  On 2010/12/11 at 17:33

    Thank you so much for doing this! My husband brought a Casio home from school for my young sons, the music teacher was getting rid of it, and we had a couple questions about a few of the settings. I was able to download the manual and can now answer their questions!

  • generror  On 2010/12/12 at 14:19

    Wow. Never been thanked so often in my whole life. You’re all very welcome!

  • Tim  On 2010/12/13 at 21:40

    Just picked up a CT-840 off eBay, with a manual. Anyone need this one scanned?

  • generror  On 2010/12/14 at 06:03

    Why, of course, Tim! Well, “need” would be too strong a word, but I’ve been looking for a CT-840 or its manual for ages — it seems to be pretty unique among early 1990s Casios. So, a scan would be much appreciated!

  • Tim  On 2010/12/20 at 19:25

    CT-840 manual is now available at:
    I also notice you didn’t have an English PT-80 manual, so that’s there as well :-)
    As always, please add them to your list!

  • asuncion  On 2011/01/06 at 22:36

    hola soy asun y felicidades por la página
    yo estaba buscando el manual de la casio pt10
    muchas gracias y un saludo

  • Jay  On 2011/01/22 at 14:25

    Would be nice to have the user manual for the Casiotone CT-370. But the link dos not work, I got the message:

    “Error (5xx)
    Something went wrong. Don’t worry your files are still safe and the Dropboxers have been notified. Check out our FAQ or forums for help. Or maybe you should try heading home.”

    Can anybody help me?
    Thanks a lot

  • generror  On 2011/01/22 at 14:31

    Hi Jay, I just tried the link and it worked well for me. Maybe you should just try again — the “5xx” seems to hint that dropbox had some server problems.

  • generror  On 2011/01/22 at 14:34

    Also, the manual for the CT-370 (and many others!) are still available at Casio New Zealand — just follow the link and enter “CT370” into the textbox.

  • Jay  On 2011/01/22 at 15:26

    now dropbox works and New Zealns too.
    Thank you very much

  • daniel nelson  On 2011/01/23 at 00:34

    Thank you so much for this manual.I just got the casio ct607.I am so happy to have found your site helps me greatly.Thank you again.

  • bernard murphy  On 2011/01/26 at 19:38

    thankyou very much, i found this casio keyboard CT-470 which belonged to my late mother. but was stuck without user manual. may be you might know where i could find somewhere to obtain the ac adaptor for this model. thanks anyway

    B J Murphy

  • generror  On 2011/01/27 at 08:56

    The original Casio adapter you’d be looking for is a Casio AD-5, but you can also use standard AC adapters which are much cheaper. While the manuals recommend only genuine Casio adapters, all Casios I know of can use standard AC adapters, as long as it provides 9 V input (for CT’s) and negative polarity — you’d need to check the polarity symbols to make sure. There are universal adapters that allow you to switch voltage and polarity.

  • Ero  On 2011/01/28 at 21:41

    Hi – awesome that you do this for all of us Casio-heads! Is there a way to fix the Casio VA-10 link? It reads “error (404) – cannot find the page….” THX!!!

  • generror  On 2011/01/29 at 09:44

    Hi Ero, the VA-10 link has been fixed… Have fun with it — it’s one great little machine!

  • Ero  On 2011/01/29 at 14:44

    Thank You!!!!! Found my VA-10 yesterday at a thrift store for $5 US. I LOVE IT – so many weird feedback possibilities with the output looped through the mic input…. also I can use the mic from my micro-korg for the vocorder.

  • Chris  On 2011/01/30 at 15:22

    Stumbled on this site trawling for a MT-60 manual. Just bought one in a boot sale for grandson. Superb assistance thanks for all the effort you’ve put in. You’ve made an old man happy and a young one even happier. Thanks.

  • generror  On 2011/01/30 at 16:14

    Lucky you! The MT-60 is really rare (at least here in Germany), and it appears to have the best sound of all early Casio’s… It’s also one of the most beautiful Casios…

  • Nana  On 2011/02/13 at 03:35

    Thank you for a great site. My grandson(9) was asking for a keyboard for weeks. A friend gave me one that had been stored in her attic, with batteries. After my husband spent a weekend cleaning out the rust and corroded batteries(he took the keyboard apart without benefit of the manual), I found your site. Now our grandson is really excited to use it.

  • Ged  On 2011/02/15 at 12:50

    Thanks matey for posting the manuals!I have been searching for the manual/ user guide for casiotone CT-660 for a long time on the internet. Well done!

  • Stefan Wert  On 2011/02/24 at 15:13

    This looks like a great resource! Unfortunately, your PT-100 link is wrong – it’s the datasheet for a Pioneer PT-100 tweeter. Don’t want to complain about free stuff, but thought you might want to know!

  • Deeds  On 2011/03/04 at 02:36

    Thanks I found this site very helpful in finding a manual for my Casiotone CT-310, that I retrived from my mother just before she was going to dispose of it, as it was very old and not used. I can now learn how to use properly.Also thanks for the imformation about the AC adapter.

  • tymusic  On 2011/03/06 at 09:16

    hey guys this site is great i am looking for pdf manuals for the casio cz 3000 anybody got that …i know its along shot but i had to tery i wish i had the keyboards you have up here cos this makes it easy!!!
    thank you or the cz101?

  • generror  On 2011/03/06 at 19:10

    Nope, sorry, I only do lo-fi tablehooters manuals :) But it seems that a PDF manual for the CZ-3000 can be found here (I didn’t check the PDF); otherwise, from what I know, I’m sure the CZ-1 manual will also help you, available here.

  • On!  On 2011/03/09 at 08:12

    Great site!

  • Jim Davisson  On 2011/03/13 at 13:46

    Just picked up a KX-101 Keyboard/Boombox…. What a find!!! And now, I have the manual for it!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

  •  On 2011/03/17 at 05:29

    I could not download Casio CT 620 manual. Could you please kindly send me the manual to my email?

    Many many thanks.

  • BrasilianGuy  On 2011/03/20 at 01:33

    Hey! great idea put it gather.

  • Winston Psmith  On 2011/03/30 at 20:11

    Just wanted to thank you for posting these manuals. I actually found a working MT-820 in someone’s trash pile today!?! Came back to work, cleaned it up, and started hunting online for a manual. Thanks again,


  • Jean Maier  On 2011/04/09 at 03:16

    Thanks. Great website. just picked up a CT-360 at an ESTATE SALE. belonged to an older Lady. Hope to learn how to play it. THANKS AGAIN.

  • Jean Maier  On 2011/04/09 at 03:19

    How can I tell if an Adapter is neg. or pos. Thanks

  • Sam Betts  On 2011/04/21 at 14:29


    does the PT-10 have an audio output at all or just a build in speaker?

  • generror  On 2011/04/21 at 14:39

    @Sam: According to the manual, there’s only a speaker.

  • generror  On 2011/04/21 at 14:39

    @Jean: There’s a polarity symbol on the adapter. See wikipedia:

  • Franco  On 2011/04/30 at 10:23

    Hi Gen.error, I just picked up a casiotone CT 660 and try out my skill in making musinc. Can you help me in finding the manual and literature that can help me in learning how to play it??

    Thanks in advance. Franco

  • Annette  On 2011/05/15 at 03:47


    I just inherited a Casiotone MT-46 sans manual… Was going nuts trying to find operating instructions. Then found your site.



  • David  On 2011/05/26 at 23:24

    I can’t open or download the manual I need. Please help. I need the manual for the Casio Casiotone CT-450

    Thank you


  • J G Burt  On 2011/05/29 at 16:08

    Located 1980’s Casio MT 500 in closet (purchased for children 30 yrs ago), now sending to grandkids and, of course, user’s manual was missing. Thanks for posting so much useful info on the Casio keyboards.

  • generror  On 2011/05/29 at 20:38


    @David: just klicking the link (or right-clicking and choosing “Save as…” or similar) works perfectly fine for me.

  • Chas Knott  On 2011/05/30 at 22:26

    Have a Casiotone MT-100 that works like new to pass to grandkid. Of course I can’t find the manual!! Thank you for the rescue. The keyboard will now have a manual accompanying it.

  • Jim  On 2011/06/12 at 20:35

    I don’t know if you’re interested in the professional keyboard manuals, but I have a few for the FZ, CZ, RZ, and VZ series.

    I also have a few other Casio-related PDF titles:

    Casio CZ Series Sound Data Book
    Casio CZ Series Sound Synthesis Handbook
    Power Play VZ!

    See my manuals page for the complete list:

    My gear list, including my Casio keyboard collection, is here:

  • June  On 2011/06/18 at 20:57

    I have a casiotone MT-820 which is a half tone out of tune- cannot find anything in original manual about how to tune it. There is asmall round opening on base labelled “tuning” ??? anyone any ideas please?

    This is a great machine as good as the day it was bought….yes it was out of tune then but I did not know then.

  • shelli  On 2011/06/20 at 17:39

    I’m looking for a manual for a Casio Keyboard CTK-571

  • radionactive  On 2011/06/21 at 15:41

    Here’s a link to the extremely rare Casio DM-100 double-decker sampling keyboard… (Combination SK-8/MT-210 with Roland Atelier styling)

  • generror  On 2011/06/22 at 11:19

    @shelli: Sorry, we only do old cheapo Casios here!

  • Jim  On 2011/06/26 at 02:02


    Either the tuning knob is broken off or you have to stick a screwdriver in the hole to tune it.

  • Bill Coulter  On 2011/06/28 at 17:52

    Hi, I’m looking for a manual for the MT-70. Could not get your link to connect? Can you help by emailing me the pdf version? Thanks, Bill

  • biggi  On 2011/07/03 at 11:58

    “Retro home keyboarders of the world: Rejoice! For I am making available for download my collection of manuals for crappy 1980′s and early 1990′s casio home and mini keyboards”
    Hi I am writing to you from Germany…it would be wonderful if Casio will leave you this manual site to keep. A good friend of mine had one of the best Casio-Pages ever, loads and loads of manuals, pictures and information for everyone to share and to use and then he had to close the page down or else pay a big fine….greetings from the manufacturer. Maybe it’ll work this time…greetings from germany – fastbyfred

  • Nanci M S Guerrato  On 2011/08/24 at 23:54

    Thank you very much for the work you’ve done. People can´t imagine the importance of a manual, and you did it. Thank you again and again. Good job.

  • john  On 2011/09/04 at 11:14

    It’s people like you who make life that much easier! May I give thanks for all your hard work in putting together this site. My particular benefit is being able to download the manual for the Casiotone MT-540 music keyboard, and for that I am truly grateful. Now all I need is a manual for the “Philips PMC100” portable sequencer, which given extensive search on the internet I have been unable to locate. Perhaps someone can advise please?

  • Bob Straub  On 2011/09/06 at 20:44

    Thank you very much for posting these manuals.
    Bob Straub.

  • Ingmar Gunnard  On 2011/09/14 at 15:01

    I´m much obliged -. I have an old Casio sa-10 that I intend to give to my little grand-son, but no manual Thank you!!

  • Paula  On 2011/09/17 at 14:41

    Hi Generror,

    Thanks for this great informative site!

    Please can you tell me what the proper name is for the two yellow buttons on the top right? I am a composer but not a good player (timing-wise) so these allow me to play back my bad version and use the buttons to just hammer out the correct timing.

    I need the function name so I can find a midi keyboard that has this function. Or else I’ll have to get an old Casio PT30 on Ebay (that I had as a kid).

    thanks a lot

  • ana  On 2011/10/26 at 15:41

    Thanks a lot man :)

  • Paul Hutchinson  On 2012/01/09 at 19:47

    Thank you for providing a manual for the Casio SA-45. It’s not really needed but nice to have for the keyboard I bought today for $20 (Canadian). You’re providing a valuable service to the world.

    Paul Hutchinson

  • marta  On 2012/01/22 at 15:18

    I need the guide for CT 350 but in spanish please!!!

  • Bernd  On 2012/01/25 at 18:13

    8 years ago I looked for a german manual for CT-470.

    I wrote a mail to CASIO and got an original in english/spain and a copy of the german version.

    Today I made a pdf of the german version.

    If you need the pdf for this collection send a mail.

  • Pete  On 2012/02/05 at 06:08

    Thanks. I had this MT-205 for about 6 years now. Don’t remember where I got it from. Finally put batteries in it and it sounds great!. Just ordered the adapter from Casio and needed the manual. Did a Yahoo search and yours was the first site listed! Again thanks so much. It’s been almost 30 years since I was able to play a keyboard after 9 years of piano lessons from 8 to 18 years of age. It’ll be good to play again. Very therapeutic!

  • DuWayne  On 2012/02/12 at 02:48

    Thank you to everyone involved in making this website. I bought a barely used-if used at all- Casio CT 390 keyboard still in the box but missing the manual. I printed off the manual you have on your site and am learning the functions. I’m gonna get some learn to play manuals and start enjoying this keyboard! Thanks again. DuWayne

  • Mary  On 2012/02/14 at 16:03

    Thank you so much! I am sending our son’s old Casiotone CT-370 to my 89 year old Mom in assisted living, who has long desired an organ. Now she can have her pipe organ plus, and I have a copy of the manual to help her figure it out with. Much appreciated!

  • Davy  On 2012/03/26 at 23:14

    Many thanks for all the work you have put in to providing this treasure chest of manuals. Although my grandchildren enjoy problem solving it has made them a lot keener to get on and become involved with the music.

  • Robert Fields  On 2012/04/01 at 02:04

    for putting this site up
    i needed it for a CT-640 i bought
    it didnt have the plastic door for the battery compartment so i cut up a couple of credit cards and duct tapped them together its working

  • Leila Eriksson  On 2012/04/02 at 09:20

    Please I need casiotone 405 manual guide in finnish

  • henson  On 2012/04/04 at 21:02

    hey there, thx for the site. anybody got a clue where i can find casio service/repair manuals in general? greetings

  • Ann  On 2012/04/09 at 18:57

    I am looking for a manual for a Casiotone MT 105 and did not see that in your list of manuals (which is amazing by the way!) I have one for sale and need a manual. Does anyone have one to share? Thank you

  • Pat Smith  On 2012/04/22 at 03:53

    do you know of anyplace where I can get a manual for the Casiotone CT320 in English? I also need to find osme place where I can get replacement keys. Thanks.

  • Jack Reed  On 2012/04/22 at 12:59

    Thanks to my wife’s cousins yard sale, I was able to get a Casio KX-101 that other than some crackle in the volume, etc, this thing sounds very good. I cannot read music, and really have no musical ability, but this this is just awesome. Everyone that has seen it has ooh’ed and aah’ed and some want to knock me out and take it.(laughing) I’m glad I found the owner’s manual on here so I can tinker around and play with my new “toy”. I get the feeling from stuff I’ve read since finding it, is that this particular one is a bit of a rarity. Is this true? If so, it’s one nice collectible I won’t be letting go of.

  • Laurie  On 2012/04/24 at 00:31

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put all these manuals up on your site, especially the MT 640 :-)

  • Tom Gabriel  On 2012/04/27 at 01:16

    Thank you so much. Misplaced my CT6000 Manual several years ago and finding your post is a treasured find. Again, thanks for sharing your collection.
    TG from Olean,NY

  • Joseph  On 2012/05/19 at 06:57

    THANKS for the manuals. love the casios and others, nice page!
    check out my collection:

  • John Ramsay  On 2012/06/09 at 14:55

    Thank you so much for making these manuals available!

  • Rob  On 2012/06/11 at 14:48

    You are Great. It is wonderful that your site makes available older Casio manuals. In our day and age, this kind of information should be maintained and made available by the corporations who sold the products. Shame on them, and Kudos to oyu!

  • piers  On 2012/06/21 at 23:09

    Many thanks I can now show the children 7 and 14 how to use all the functions of the Casiotone 7000 that we acquired

  • climatic4  On 2012/06/29 at 12:29

    Thank you.

  • Prakash  On 2012/07/04 at 22:05

    I have Tone Bank MT-740.I have downloaded instruction manual but it is not in english language.Please tell how to get this in english language .

  • Kris  On 2012/07/06 at 15:53

    Thank you so much for adding old manuals. I have been searching and was very happy to find this listing.
    Again, thank you

  • Carole  On 2012/07/12 at 01:32

    Just located your wonderful website….. and I am looking for the Casio CA-110 ToneBank manual. I have spent all day looking for one…. and am now hopeful that you can find one :)

  • Nwannediogo  On 2012/07/12 at 14:43

    Thanks a lot. I bought a fairly used Casio CTK 650. Love it but did not have the manual to know how to use it. Searched so much till I stumbled on your site. I cant wait to read the manual and enjoy my key board. Keep up the good work!

  • aca56  On 2012/07/23 at 16:08

    Does anyone have manual for casiotone mt-200

  • Raymond Bryan Horton  On 2012/08/24 at 01:21

    Thanks!!! I have a Casio MT-240 (which is a little gem) I bought at a pawn shop decades ago. I hadn’t used it in years, but my son came and got his pro keyboard controller I’d been using so I dusted off the Casio to use for midi entry for compouter notation. I had a couple of issues – the manual is a big help! The Casio works fine. Thanks again!

  • Allan  On 2012/09/27 at 12:59

    Grandchildren found their mum’s old Casio PT-30 but no manual. The noise was awful. Now, with the manual, there are at least short periods without the awful noise while they read the instructions… Many thanks

  • Gen A  On 2012/10/07 at 08:58

    Any advice for connecting a Ct-640 to a Mac? I can’t seem to get it to read the midi. I’m using a m-audio midi/usb cable. Big hugs for the manual by the way!!

  • lola  On 2012/10/23 at 06:56

    Thank you so much for the Casiotone CT660 manual, more power!

  • Jeff  On 2012/10/28 at 00:25

    Just got an old Casio from someone. Said he could only find the manual for around $30. And then here I find it for nothing. This will help me and my 3 kids learn to play. THANK YOU!

  • cris  On 2012/10/30 at 15:18

    you dont know how long and how many sites ive tried getting this manual and boy u all hit the spot thanks alot i really appreciate it God bless you all for all your work thank you thank you satisfied

  • Gra  On 2012/11/03 at 13:17

    Many thanks for the support. now an old Casiotone MT800 canb be used again.

  • Laura Harmon  On 2012/12/11 at 03:47

    Thanks for this site! I just got a Casio CT 6000 in fine condition and found the manual here. Great collection!

  • Jose  On 2012/12/13 at 06:00

    Muchas gracias por publicar estos manuales tan antiguos. Pensaba que no encontraria el manual para mi viejo organo PT-87.

  • Ada  On 2013/01/05 at 20:16

    Thank you for the Casio CT 460 one! I have that crappy keyboard and love it to pieces!

  • treaty gee  On 2013/01/17 at 22:07

    Can’t thank you enough for making these manuals available. Now I can figure out how to get the most out of the Casiotone MT-540 my sister gave me :D

  • Rich Challen  On 2013/01/19 at 17:02

    I dusted off the old MT-68 as a gift for my (musically-inclined) granddaughter and couldn’t find the manual. Found your webpage right away and then the manual pdf. Thanks for supporting hte old Casios, it is much appreciated. (I also have an SK-1 that I plan on giving to my grandson. Just the right size for tiny fingers.)
    Rich in Georgia

  • christ.seen  On 2013/01/29 at 04:56

    A wonderful page -Thank you so much.

  • Cameljoe  On 2013/03/13 at 00:43

    Just a suggestion: name the RadioShack counterparts alongside these. The RadioShack brands are a bear to find manuals for. I know the realistic concertmate 600 is the casio mt-100. Great site

  • Cameljoe  On 2013/03/13 at 01:22


    It’s called “one key play” I believe. My casio sk-1 has it

  • Carlos Poveda  On 2013/05/04 at 19:40


  • eddie D  On 2013/05/20 at 06:42

    thanks where would this world be without people like you

  • CYBERYOGI =CO= Windler  On 2013/06/03 at 02:34

    I have PDF manuals of the Casio Symphonytron 8000 stage organ system. They are huge (10MB and 15MB), so I can’t send them through e-mail.

    Where can I upload them?

  • Johnny Angel  On 2013/06/08 at 19:42

    What a great site . You’re a real lifesaver.

  • Grace  On 2013/06/26 at 20:43

    Great job, you have alot of patience. Is the CT_510 identical to the CTK-510?
    I have the CTK-510. If not do you have the TK-510?

  • Maggie  On 2013/08/13 at 15:22

    Thanks very much for manual for casio ct-640. Just acquired one to teach my grandchildren to play. It will be a real big help.

  • Darren  On 2013/08/17 at 20:05

    Thanks very much, just got a CT-660 given to me for my children with no manual but thanks to you we have one now! Best regards, Darren. (York, UK)

  • Abe  On 2013/09/01 at 13:23

    Awesome! Thank you so much for doing this. I’ve been looking for MT-520 manual for a while.

  • Håkan  On 2013/09/02 at 19:40

    Thx a lot. Just got an old Casiotone MT-65 from an online auction site, but had no manual for it. But now I have one. Thanks guys!

  • reinhard  On 2013/09/20 at 20:09

    looking all over for a casio pt-20 manual. and……..and… it is. thank you very much for your great effort and the gift of vintage manuals to all of us!

  • Viny  On 2013/10/05 at 14:57

    Thanks very much!!! :)

  • Serj Brown  On 2013/10/18 at 14:25

    Thanks for your work. I just buyed a second hand CT637 without any manual. Manual for CT636 will be very useful for me.

  • Antonio Tuzzi  On 2013/10/20 at 14:17

    thank you very much!
    by any chance do you have the service manual and schematics and part lists for a casio casiotone ct 701 ?
    (I can’t find anywhere!)
    thank you

  • Jan  On 2013/12/06 at 21:18

    Amazing that I found your site for a manual for a Casio CT-310. But the manual only shows and prints in bits and pieces of the pages? To bad it doesn’t present like some of the others I looked at – portrait and one page on one page. Any chance it could be fixed? Thanks!

  • Andreas Walda  On 2014/01/22 at 12:49

    Hallo Casiofan

    Habe 3 x PT20 in meinem Bestand . Eins ist total zerpflückt für Testzwecke .
    Was mache ich damit ?
    Vor einigen Jahren hatte ich mit einem PIC Prozessor mein erstes Midi-Interface
    gebaut .
    Heute läuft mein PT 20 mit einem ATMEGA 8 ,einem iRig-Interface und einem iPhone/iPad-App Namens bs-16i .Das geilste Teil auf dem Weltmarkt !
    Jetzt im Bau ist mein neueste Interface mit dem ATMEGA 1284 P
    Hier wird eine Tastendynamik realisiert .und evtl. div. Yamaha Styles lauffähig gemacht. Die Anleitung von Dir habe ich mir runtergeladen . Danke .

    Hat jemand einen Schaltplan ??

  • Pat D.  On 2014/03/19 at 16:38

    Hi Generror,
    Many many thanks. I am an old old lady (83) who was just given a well used Casiotone CT640, rescued from a junk heap. In my youth I played an organ so was delighted to get this electronic keyboard. Now, with the manual, maybe my arthritic fingers will get some exercise and some joy in my heart. I live alone so no one will be disturbed. Bless you, whoever you are.

  • g  On 2014/04/23 at 01:03

    Thank you so much for doing this.

  • Jimmy Williams  On 2014/05/06 at 21:05

    Hi. I need a manual for the CT-638 which I do not see here . Some of your other manuals look similar – are there any you would recommend?

  • menno  On 2014/05/18 at 23:00

    Thanks a lot ! Just fished a mt-45 from the garbage..

  • Gus  On 2014/05/23 at 00:49

    Wow!!! Thank you man!!!


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