JVC/Victor Concert (“Konsatobikutoron”)

Ever seen such an incredibly cool-looking organ?

The Victor Concert

The Victor Concert

What a design! Like right out of a science fiction movie! I love it.

I stumbled upon this organ on the Japanese Yokohama Music site. Unfortunately, my Japanese is non-existent, thus I have to rely on Google’s automatic translation for the few information I found.

Apparently, Victor (the translation calls it “Victron”, but the image clearly shows “Victor”) was a JVC’s Japanese organ brand name, which built their first organs in 1966. This specific organ, the Victor Concert (not even sure if that’s the real model name; the name “Konsatobikutoron” also pops up) was probably built in or around 1974 and played by the (model?) Midori Mori on TV. Victor went out of business in 1991, apparently because of “sluggish” sales.

Some more info about Victron organs can be found on (Japanese) Wikipedia that seem to confirm this. Apart of that… ??? Out of Japan, this organs seems to be completely unknown. If anyone knows more about it — please let me know!

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  • mike  On 2013/10/26 at 05:43

    Found an 1980 eom8 Viktor model contact me leave a phone number

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