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Stevie Wonder’s keyboard for Haiti

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this hilarious/horrible piece of hypocrite charity: Stevie Wonder donates a keyboard to Joseph Romel, a survivor of the Haiti quake. Watch:

Stevie Wonder gives keyboard to quake survivor

I mean, of course it’s nice of Stevie Wonder to donate his instrument — or rather, one of the probably dozens of instruments. But why does he have to do it on TV, for all the world to see? It gives the whole thing a bad taste. “Look at me”, it sounds, “I, Stevie Wonder, do something good to some poor soul.” That’s something that makes me sick.

The worst part is the following, this self-righteous laugh of the CNN man:


While this is more or less disgusting, the hilarious part is Stevie Wonder’s musical message:


Great, Stevie! Finally, I know why you’re considered an artist.

PS. Actually, Romel got even two keyboards by Stevie Wonder, see this live interview between Stevie Wonder and Romel Joseph. He also got a violin, this time by R.J. Storm, however.