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Casio Keyboard Manuals

Casio PT-30 manualRetro home keyboarders of the world: Rejoice! For I am making available for download my collection of manuals for crappy 1980’s and early 1990’s casio home and mini keyboards.

Unlike Yamaha, Casio has only very limited support for older models — the only official way to find a few manuals is over at Casio New Zealand –, making some of these manuals hard or impossible to dig up. While most of these keyboards are so simple that manuals aren’t really needed, for some models, a manual is definitely needed for squeezing the most out of your ole, trusty tablehooter.

In order to correct this grievance, here are the user manuals for most keyboards of the older Casiotone / CT / MT / PT / SK / SA and VL-Tone series, and also those for some esoteric weirdosities like the mythical KX-101 and the insane VA-10. I also included some manuals (such as for the PT-30) that Yours Truly made himself.

All of these manuals are PDFs; most of them are in English. Where I could only find a manual in another language, I included it — better a Spanish or German manual than none.

As for the missing keyboards, in most cases, there are very similar keyboards whose manuals can be used — many Casios use the same or very similar hardware. I am planning to write a history with a useful “genealogy” of Casio’s 1980s keyboards in later posts, so stay tuned.

Great big thanks to J. (you know who you are!) and to Tim for providing missing manuals (check out his homepage — he’s the world’s leading expert on Casio ROM-Packs :)

I’m still looking for manuals not listed here, so if you have one, please share it! (Easiest way is to write a comment, giving your e-mail; I will contact you, and nobody else will be able to see your address).

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